Science for a Successful Nation 2018

The outreach team were once again invited out of the lab and on an early morning training to London to present the latest and greatest in quantum engineering. After an early morning start, and accidental seat reservation in the quiet carriage, we arrived at the Royal Society to take part EPSRC's Science for a Successful Nation 2018.

The event aims to showcase EPSRC's investments and demonstrate their social, cultural and economic impacts. Bristol University was well represented with stands from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and the Jean Golding Institute.

In amongst the exhibits were students from the Quantum Engineering CDT and QETLabs demonstrating the importance of data encryption in a connected society. By showing how readily data can be intercepted on network, it is easily seen that we need to invest in data security to ensure it's remains secure in the near future.

The event was well attended by EPSRC representatives and industrial partners. There were sessions throughout the day providing stimulating discussion that covered EPSRC's prosperity outcomes: A connected, productive, healthy and resilient nation.

We would like to thank EPSRC for giving us the opportunity to present our demo and supporting our research!


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