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What it was like attending NUSOD in Australia

By Gerardo Villarreal Garcia

From 11 to 15 of July I attended the 16th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices (NUSOD) hosted this year by the University of Sydney, in Australia. The event took place in recently inauguratedSydney Nanoscience HUB, a multi million high-tech research and teaching facility funded by the Commonwealth Education Infrastructure Fund and the University of Sydney.
The NUSOD conference is a space where theory and practice meet in order for researchers to discuss the progress in numerical simulations and practical applications in photonics and electronics.The topics discussed during the week included simulations on semiconductor lasers, LEDs, photodetectors, solar cells, integrated photonics, etc. Four days in total of talks and one final day for practical workshops on how to model optic and optoelectronic devices using software such as COMSOL Multyphysics, Crosslight and Synopsys RSoft. You can consult the list of talks and poste…