Outreach Training Day

New students means new opportunities to get out of the lab and teaching the public about the weird world of quantum technology. But first, we need to show everyone what demos we have available. This afternoon, we invited the whole group to see what our engagement cupboard has to offer.

Euan Allen showing some of our new(ish) CDT students how to use our Galton Box.

Seasoned veterans through to those new to public engagement joined us to get hands on with our demos. Everything from hand held busking demos to more technical demos was on offer to have a play with. Everyone pitched in to find out what is on offer.

Sam Morley-Short and Stasja Stanisic building some origami microscopes

With everyone well trained in how to operate our kit, watch out for us at the next science festival and join us to learn more about quantum mechanics!

What's that up there? Some of our CDT students getting hands on with our spectrometers.


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